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Stride Free Aero Race Saddle 185g

$335.00 inc GST

  • The StrideFree Aero is built on an extremely strong and flexible synthetic full tree.
  • Weight is 185 grams.
  • Top quality patent leather, the underside of the saddle is lined with non slip neoprene and extra padding for comfort.
  • The stirrup bars have been tested under extreme pressure and girth points are durable and strong.
  • The StrideFree tree allows comfort for the horse by providing freedom in the shoulder along with being kind on the horse’s back allowing muscles to move freely without any restrictions.
  • Available race saddle colours:  Black, White, Red and Blue patent leather
  • Available piping colours: Black, White, Cherry, Neo Red, Neo Yellow, Neo Pink, Neo Orange, Neo Green, Neo Blue, Cream, Biscuit and Purple
  • Optional custom embroidery available for an additional cost of $50.00.  N.B. Embroidery takes 5- 6 weeks. (Please enter your text in the field below the videos)


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Custom Embroidery

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